Nyala 2

SwissQ Nyala 2

With its generously sized 3.2 × 2 metre printing table, Nyala 2 more than qualifies as a large format printer. With a top speed of 206 m²/h a print image goes onto the substrate in just a fraction of the time taken by other printers. Nyala 2 fits perfectly with high-volume, high-end environments in both advertising signage and industrial applications. That is due to its extreme versatility, a trait common to all swissQprint systems..

Although the UV system performs at up to 206 m²/h, it has no such thing as a draft mode. The secret lies in the latest technology used by the print heads. Moreover, a large printing area does not necessarily mean a large machine: Even though Nyala 2 features a 3,2 x 2 metre flatbed it is very modest when it comes to space requirements.

Like every swissQprint flatbed printer, the basic model already has a great deal to offer. For example, the unique register pin system for optimal utilisation of the printing table area. Or the tandem function for non-stop printing. And, depending on requirements, there are various add-on extensions available: a roll to roll option for smoothly processing flexible media; a board option that makes light work of oversized formats up to 3.2 × 4 metres; nine colour channels that can be equipped with CMYK, light colours, white, effect varnish, and spot colours. All tailored to fit exact needs.

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Roll to Roll option

SwissQ Roll to Roll

The roll to roll option converts your Swissq printer into a roll printer. It reliably unwinds and winds up rolls. An integrated controller monitors and regulates the traction force for a flawless print image.

Whether vinyl, fabric, mesh or other roll material, Swissq can handle them all. Setting up and changing rolls is easy, and once the job is started the roll to roll printer continues working without supervision.

A well-designed, stable roller system conveys the material across the printing table and winds it up cleanly on the other side. An integrated control system regulates the tension and guarantees a perfect print image every time. It is possible to apply multiple colour layers in one pass and hence all layers are absolutely register-true as a result.

In addition, roll material can be used as a conveyor for oversized rigid sheets of up to 4 metres in length. Roller tables dock on as extensions to the printer for extra length. The control system ensures an accurate and steady feed even when printing heavy panels.

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Board Option

SwissQ Board Option

Large format inkjet printers by swissQprint can be equipped with the ingenious board option, holding oversized panels and difficult roll media firmly in place under full-power vacuum during the printing process. When the printing beam reaches the end of the table, a sophisticated feed system takes over and advances the substrate automatically. Printing continues seamlessly as soon as the substrate is positioned exactly at the new origin.

The appeal of this process lies in a combination of absolute precision and high efficiency. Flawless end-to-end printing on rigid media up to 4 metres long is a standard routine. The large format inkjet printer really comes into its own when handling stretchy, heat-sensitive or very slippery substrates. Materials weighing up to 100 kg literally float across the table on an air cushion generated by reversing the vacuum system. Heavyweight substrates are thus effortlessly positioned.

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