Distort Print Training Program

3 day training agenda

Day 1

  • Evaluate site and do an extensive tour of the factory including work flow and design.
  • Check the printer and forming equipment that all is in working condition.
  • Introduce the trainer and give a brief history on the process and development over the years using past customers as examples.
  • Discuss the agenda and write down key points of what the client would like to achieve in the training period.
  • Select the design person and factory moulding operator.
  • Develop and written agenda for the 3 days outlining the milestones in the process with target times.
  • Begin the training starting with the print file and 3D mould.
  • Print the first panel explaining registration and temperature control which differs from material to material.

Day 2

  • Meet up with client and team and discuss the progress of the training.
  • Continue the training doing prints and corrections to achieve the correct results needed.
  • Evaluate the workflow in the factory spending time walking around watching the total production process.

Day 3

  • Visit the agenda written down and check with the client that we are achieving his goals for the training.
  • Continue the print and distort printing process allowing the designer and the factory staff to repeat the process without the trainers help.
  • Meet up once again to review the 3 days training and advise on better production techniques/materials and workflow.
  • Closure of the training program.