UV Ink 257S

After years of research and development, the global display graphics printing company SIGN-TRONIC has developed another world-first solution: a versatile UV-ink for high-resolution printing for a very wide array of indoor and outdoor applications.

This innovation complements the proprietary cutting-edge patented distort direct print technology using stretchable and UV-protected ink, a proudly South Africa invention, developed recently by this pioneering entity.

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SwissQ Printers

Every one of the three printer models has a flatbed that measures two metres from front to back, giving plenty of space for all formats. And they are efficient by nature. The tandem function for non-stop printing comes as standard. Whatever the format – be it small, large, or continuous – these printers offer a masterful blend of print quality and speed.
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Canon Printers

Flatbed printers are ideal for high-quality prints on rigid and flexible media. Choose your large format UV flatbed printer from a selection of standard or extra-large table sizes, optionally equipped white ink and/or varnish, available at a range of production print speeds to meet your display graphics production needs.
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Vacuum Formers

A sheet of thermoplastic material is clamped around its edges and heated until flexible. A heat-proof mould of the required shape is elevated into the softened material. The air between the sheet and the mould is evacuated by a vacuum pump. Atmospheric pressure pushes the material tightly over the mould. The material cools and returns to its rigid state and is then removed.

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Summa Cutters

With the F Series, Summa launches a completely new cutting product line based on 25 years of expertise building the world's very best cutting plotters. These advanced engineered cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock


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Rotatrim Cutters

Rotatrim was formed in 1966 with a vision to create the finest rotary trimmer ever; a philosophy and a passion that continues to this present day.

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Coating System

A cost effective clear coating system for all your UV printed rigid materials.

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3 day training session teaching the art of digital distort printing to create a 3D moulded article.

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